2011 Winter Photo Contest

Okay readers, it’s time to break out your best photo to enter in my 2011 Winter Photo Contest! I’m often asked by readers of the several print publications I regularly write for, as to how they may improve their outdoor photos. Now, I’m much more of a writer than a photographer, but the current writer’s market requires writers to include a photo package to support the article manuscript. Because of this fact, and simply because I enjoy outdoor photography, my photography skills have grown to produce publishable quality images.

For the photo contests that I will offer on my Facebook Page (accessible by the link below), I will judge entries from an editor’s viewpoint. Here are the five elements that will be considered during judging:
1. Composition
2. Most interesting subject
3. Does the photo tell the story best
4. Creativity
5. Fits the theme (winter outdoors)
To enter, simply post your photo (no limit) to my Facebook Page, or if you prefer not to post on FACEBOOK, simply email the photo(s) to my email address: robert@robertoutdoors.com – that’s it. The contest will begin now (January 14, 2011) and close on February 28, 2011 at midnight. That should give you ample time to either locate previously shot images or get outside and capture some new ones. The winner will receive a 4GB SDHC Memory Card as a trophy.

Outdoor photography will be touched on occasionally here on the blog, including tips and samples of images similar to ones I’ve had published. Feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions, and share any photo with the FB Page by simply adding to the ‘Photo’ section.

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